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24 Hour Charity Drum-A-Thon

24 Hour Charity Drum-A-Thon
eep the 30th of July free, because you might not want to miss what George Henry and over 35 of Glasgow’s drummers are going to do to raise money for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

Throughout the year there are hundreds of charity events hosted in Glasgow from gigs and festivals to 10k runs and Kilt walks. However, you don’t hear of many drum-a-thon’s, that’s for sure. George Henry is one of Glasgow’s finest drummers, most notably known for his work in tech-metal band ‘The Colour Pink is Gay’. We spoke to him recently to find out more about the event…


You are the organiser of this event which is to raise money for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity and you are also the man who has the lead role in this 24 hour drum-a-thon. What gave you the inspiration to set up this challenging charity event?

I wouldn’t say I have the lead role in any way, everyone involved will be playing a huge part in raising the profile of the event and hopefully raising as much money for the Glasgow Children’s Hospital as possible. That being said, the majority of the time on the throne will be from myself, Gordon Wilson and Gus Munro. I regularly give donations to the charity and was inspired to try and use the collective of Glasgow’s music community in order to try and raise a significant amount of money from this wider network. Hopefully it works!

You could say that your drumming style is geared towards the heavier side of music. I can imagine that you’re going to lay off the wrist-burning blast beats for the majority of the 24 hours, no?

Absolutely, don’t get me wrong, there’s no way I can sit in front of a drum-kit and not play a blast beat at some point, but to be clear, the solo will not stop for 24 hours but I will certainly be taking small breaks here and there to make sure other drummers get their time on the kit! I love playing a huge variety of styles on the kit so those who stick around long enough will get to see funk, samba, shuffles, reggae and all manner of grooves!

How many sets of drum sticks are you expecting to go through in 24 hours?

Haha, I’m sure I’ll be getting through a fair few, I normally go through at least a pair every 3 hour rehearsal so I’m guessing at least 8 pairs!

Of course, you’ll have some help along the way with as much as 35 other drummers (including myself!) coming along throughout the day to lend their sticks to the cause. How did you go about getting Glasgow’s drumming scene involved?

Glasgow’s drummers have always been very close knit, we always have to share gear at the gigs so we all end up friendly at some point. I’m lucky to work at The Audio Lounge, where we have loads of bands coming through every week so it was easy to get in touch with lots of players!

Will the event be open to the public to come and watch?

Absolutely, we’ll be making a bit of an event of the first and last hour with combined solos and some band members of drummers coming along to jam, as well as some small kits set up out front for anyone to join in when they feel like it!

Finally and most importantly, how can we donate to this great cause?

You can use this JustGiving Page or come along to The Audio Lounge on the day to donate with cash in the buckets.

Good luck to George and everyone else involved in this fantastic charity fundraising event. Don’t forget to donate!

by Danny Kelly