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John Niblock of VASA INTERVIEW

John Niblock of VASA INTERVIEW

Interview by Danny Kelly

We caught up with John Niblock of Glasgow based Post-Rock/Instrumental band VASA, to find out how they got on with their mini-tour with Body Hound last month.


Since the release of your latest album ‘Colours’, Vasa really haven’t stopped to take a breather. You’re not long back from a five day stint down South. How did you get on?

The tour was great. Every night was either sold out or close to capacity which was really amazing to see. I always find it cool that so many people turn up to see us, even after all the work we have put in over the last 4 years.


Which of the shows stood out the most and did you get to do much exploring in between gigs?

I would say StrangeForms Festivals at Leeds and our Brighton show were the standouts. The Leeds promoters, Bad Owl Presents, are our favourite people to play for and they put on such a cracking festival all by themselves. Always good to see them succeed. The Brighton show was just an absolutely storming line up with Poly-Math and Alpha Male Tea Party on the bill with us and Body Hound. It was basically a big pals get together.

You have personally been praised by your tour buddies Body Hound for ‘doing all the boring shit nobody else wants to do’. How did you come to being in charge of the organisation and ‘business’ side of the band and is it something you enjoy?

I’m not sure to be honest. I’m a bit of a control freak I guess so it suits me to be the man in charge. I really enjoy it, even though it can be a stress sometimes.


You also were the driver for the whole tour in one of our 9 seater vans, meaning you didn’t get to sit in the back and relax with a game of Fifa. That’s got to be pretty annoying, right?

Call me weird but I love doing all the driving I get really stressed out if I’m not driving the van. No idea why.

Finally – have you any tips for young bands out there who are also thinking of heading out on tour for the first time?

If it’s the first tour, just enjoy it and put everything you have in to it, energy wise. You might not play to the biggest crowds or play the best shows but it’s all about the experience. We’ve found that every tour brings about better opportunities for us as a band. Just go tour. It’s immense!



VASA and Body Hound March/April 2016 Tour


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