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‘Omni\One’ by Halo Tora

‘Omni\One’ by Halo Tora

by Aidan Scott

alo Tora are off on tour in a few weeks! Here’s a review that we wrote last year of their album ‘Omni\One’.

Glasgow is famed for its vast musical heritage and in recent years, the city has produced many bands capable of taking their music on to the biggest stages. Halo Tora are the latest in that line.

The five-piece have enjoyed success since their inception, supporting Jamie Lenman of Reuben fame and My Vitriol, as well as headlining their own UK tour. 2015 saw the release of their debut album Omni\One and what an entrance on to the scene it is.

The album grabbed my attention straight away with its opening track, Tranz / Zero. Now bear with me here, I am fairly certain the band didn’t explicitly express this influence when writing the song, but the track reminded me of Pink Floyd in terms of the sounds used and the way it is structured. This is always a good thing in my eyes.

As the album moves on, it becomes increasingly evident that the guys are not just good musicians individually but have come together perfectly in order to write some mightily impressive songs. Permanent Revolution and Ruins are absolute belters to kick the record off with and quickly establish the haunting yet cinematic nature of the album.

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Indeed, it is as if the band have recorded this album to be used as a soundtrack for a movie or TV show. That might sound highly pretentious and obviously that wasn’t the band’s intention but listen to Omni\One all the way through and see if you don’t agree with me.

Perhaps the best example of this is found right in the middle of the record. Listening to Hangman, I immediately found myself thinking that this song would easily feel at home on an episode of True Detective. There’s money to be made here for Halo Tora!

It is not long before you come across the album’s lead single Age of Terror and it is immediately apparent why the band chose this to promote the record. Featuring a huge sound complete with a great performance on the piano (you can never have enough piano), the song is perhaps the single greatest demonstration of why Halo Tora are already making such a name for themselves in the UK music scene.

Let me say that if you are an avid follower of Glasgow’s musical output and you haven’t already heard of Halo Tora, then have a word with yourself. I can see big things happening for this band in the future and if it means we get more French revolution inspired song titles, even better.

In the meantime, get Omni\One in your ears immediately.

Halo Tora head out on their UK/European tour later this month and will be concluding the tour in their hometown, Glasgow, on the 4th November 2016.